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Sunday, April 20, 2008
What should you do to prepare corks before you bottle?

Corks need to be rinsed off with sanitized water before you insert them into the bottles. There is no need to boil or soak the corks.

Many corks on the market are "agglomerated". These type of corks are ground up cork bonded together with a food-grade adhesive. If you boil or soak them, chances are the bond may break down and the corks could deteriorate. Not Good!

Helpful tip: Purchase an empty spray bottle and a spaghetti strainer for use in your fermenting area. Place corks in the strainer and run them under hot water. Add a teaspoon of sanitizer and fill your spray bottle with water. Spray the corks with the sanitized water and you are ready to cork. Keep the bottle filled with sanitizer solution to rinse off hoses, hydrometer, etc.

by: Lets Do Wine