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Sunday, August 17, 2008
Italian wine can be simplified with one word, intimidation. The vast array of wines from one of the worlds finest wine making countries can leave heads spinning before the lasagna is out of the oven. But, don’t be afraid. The process of choosing the right Italian wine has been ongoing for 2,000 years. You are not the first person to try and conquer this feat. Below, we will list some helpful hints and suggestions to help you enjoy one of the finest beverages available.

Generally speaking, Italian wines can be divided into two main categories: Table Wines and Higher End Italian Wines. First, lets investigate Table wines. Table wines are a mainstay on Italian dinner tables. They are usually your simple red or white wines, which are inexpensive. Table wines are enjoyed in casual, easygoing atmospheres. First time wine drinkers enjoy Table wines because of the sweeter, light-medium bodied flavor. Remember, Italian wines are typically enjoyed with food. Whether it is a simple shrimp cocktail, or a heavy pasta meal, the flavor of the wine should match the food you are enjoying.

Our Higher end Italian Amarone 100% Wine Juice will dig deep into the most educated wine drinker. Unique to the Veneto region of Italy, our Amarone is packed with rich raspberry, blackberry and cassis flavors. Complete with sun-dried raisins, it is full-bodied, deep, dark and inviting with a tannic, fruity finish. Amarone is quite recent but produced by skilled and experienced winemakers, which is what is needed to drive to the right level of desiccation the grapes designed for this precious wine. Higher end Italian wines can be a serviceable addition to any dinner party.
If you enjoy white wines, be sure to try our Italian Pinot Grigio Selection. The uniquely Italian version of the well known Pinot Gris grape, picked earlier in Italy than in all other regions and well before its characteristic loss of acidity at ripening, for a bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavors include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds. Pinot Grigio, plantings can be found in the Lombardy region around Oltrepo Pavese and in Alto Adige, Italy's northern most wine region. The grape is also prominent in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.

These Italian classics will brighten up your day or make you the wonderful dinner host that will have guests begging to return. We understand that it may seem like an overwhelming process to choose the Italian wine that is right for you. Through simple taste testing and research, you will find the right Italian classic that is best for you and your event.

by: Lets Do Wine