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Monday, April 6, 2009

I love when the wine juice companies "tweak" the wine making instructions just enough to drive all wine makers crazy! I should have kept track of how many phone calls and emails we've received about the 8 gallon fermenting bucket reference in the instructions. These occassional "tweaks" do prove that you guys (yes, I mean the men too) read the instructions!

The newer instructions have you using an "eight (8) gallon fermenting bucket"; previous instructions simply mentioned a "primary fermenting bucket". Our equipment kits come with a 7.8 Fermenting Bucket, therefore, it concerns a lot of folks that their buckets won't be large enough to handle primary fermentation.

Not to worry the 7.8 gallon fermenters are able to handle the 6 gallon juice kits just fine! A larger fermenting bucket may be needed for the Estate Crushendo kits only.

by: Lets Do Wine