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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New Wine Kits from Winexpert

The addition of processed grape skins to kits can be an excellent way to improve and enhance body, mouth-feel, tannin and color. With lower levels of processing, grape skins carry more solids into the finished wine than concentrate/juice alone kits have traditionally had. The result is enhanced body, mouth-feel, tannin and color and in this case the trade-off for a marked increase in character is not accompanied by the need for increased ageing.

Chilean Malbec Shiraz
Spanish Tempranillo
Sicilian Nero D'Avola
Australian Petit Verdot

The process followed for producing Winexpert grape skins removes most of the short-chain (harsh) tannins, leaving behind the smooth, mouth-filling tannins and the desirable flavors. The wines will drink very well almost as soon as they are bottled, and will improve on the same scale as regular Selection International: 6-12 months to achieve a high peak of flavor and improvement for up to three years under good cellaring.

These kits will be available in September 2011 and we are excited to try them!

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