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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Every year we are blessed with some terrific finds from Winexpert. They give us great, hard-to-find juices for home winemakers. If you are new to this program, do not miss this fantastic opportunity. The juices in this program make some of the most outstanding wine we've ever tasted. Wines made from these special juice series have received numerous awards at winemaking competitions throughout North America. Using a combination of 100% pure varietal grape juice and premium grape concentrates, the juices yield wines possessing superior flavor, aroma, and complexity.

Here is the 2012 Limited Edition Line-Up:

Washington Meritage

A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Petite Verdot, this wine features great extract, deep color and intense aromatics of dark berry fruit, cassis, peppery spice, cedar and smoke. The seductive nose of this wine foreshadows magnificent texture and flavor, including dark berries, liquorice, vanilla and warm brown spices that glide across the palate. The texture and mouthfeel of the wine offers up silky tannins and a velvety smooth structure. Sweetness: Dry

South African Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Sauvignon Blanc has wild, herbaceous flavors and tart, grapefruit-like character, which shows strongly in the young wine, while Sémillon has flavors of honeydew melon and sweet honey that take a bit longer to come out. Together the two grapes make a lush, balanced wine with great up-front fruit and a satisfying, rich finish. Sweetness: Dry

California Petite Sirah/Zinfandel

Grippingly tannic, bold and deeply colored Petite Sirah complements the jamminess of Zinfandel, taming the abundant blueberries and blackberries with a hint of dark cherry and vanilla. Full-bodied with a lingering palate and peppery spice, this is a wine of unprecedented power and length. Sweetness: Dry

German Traminer Spätlese
Traminer is the parent of the more familiar Gewürztraminer and Spätlese is a German wine term meaning ‘late harvest’, indicating a wine made from fully mature grapes that are picked at least 7 days after normal harvest, so they are riper and have higher sugar levels. This is a gently golden-colored wine, unmistakable in its heady, aromatic intensity, with a pungent fragrance of lychee, tropical fruit and rose petals. Its flavors are ample, lusciously fruity and spicy. Sweetness: Off Dry

Spanish Matador Trio Red

Tempranillo are deep blue-black berries, high in color and extract, with delicate aromas. Cabernet Sauvignon’s small berries yield high tannins and intense structure, while Monastrell adds grip, earthiness and ripe red fruit. Lush, tannic and complex, with intense black fruit flavors of black cherry, raspberry, black currant and notes of plums and tobacco, the wine takes gracefully to oak, adding layers of vanilla, cedar and rich coffee nuances. Sweetness: Dry

These juice kits MUST be pre-ordered

by: Lets Do Wine