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Monday, February 1, 2016

Even though we have a large FAQ section on our website, we have seen the same
questions get asked over and over.  By all means, keep them coming. That's what
we are here for and you won't learn if you don't ask! 

We thought it would be fun to share the top 10 questions we are asked and since
they are all great questions, we will do an individual blog post on each one! 
Whether you are a new winemaker or an experienced pro, this is a great way to
learn or refresh your memory on the most important aspects of winemaking. Here
are the top 10 and be sure to check back frequently for all the detailed

1. The instructions say to use a primary fermenter. Do I have to?

2. Am I using the right yeast?

3. How do I clean/sanitize my equipment?

4. Is my wine ready to bottle?

5. When will my wine be ready to drink?

6. Which corks should I use?

7. Does my wine taste as good as store bought?

8. Is my wine clear enough?

9. Is my wine finished fermenting ?

10. The instructions say to add chemicals to my wine. Do I have to?

by: Lets Do Wine