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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Most Frequently Asked Ten Questions: #4

Is my wine ready to bottle?

Your wine looks good so why not bottle? Here's a checklist to see if it is truly ready:

1. Was the wine stabilized?
2. Has it been degassed?
3. Is it clear and free of any sediment?
4. How does it taste?

You've gone through all the work and wait of fermentation, why not go through a few extra steps to assure your wine is ready for bottling? Remember, some wines look crystal clear in the carboy, however, we need to give the wine a closer inspection before we determine that the wine is ready to bottle. Remove a small sample of wine from the carboy by either siphoning or using a wine thief and place it in a wine glass. Take the sample to a window we need to get a good look at the clarity. Place a book or newspaper behind the glass to see if you are able to read through it. Regardless, if it's a red, white or blush, you should be able to clearly read what's on the other side. Also, be sure there isn't anything floating or suspended in the wine. If your wine isn't clear, be sure to add a fining (clearing) agent such as SuperKleer or Sparkolloid

While your wine is still in the glass, give it a good swirl.  We want to be sure there are no bubbles forming. Of course, you must give it a taste! Remember your wine is young so it may taste a bit "grapey" or bitter. This will correct with ageing, however, if you plan to drink your wine soon, you may want to make a few adjustments prior to bottling (wine adjustment blog post coming soon).

Be sure to check out How to Bottle Wine for more detailed instructions. 

by: Lets Do Wine