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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Our Most Frequently Asked Ten Questions: #3

How do I clean/sanitize my equipment?

Approximately 90% of wine making failures are due to improperly sanitized equipment. We strongly recommend not to use household detergents to clean your wine making equipment. Household chemicals can leave behind a film on your equipment that can possibly interfere with yeast production or cause off-flavors in your wine.   

We carry several products that will do a great job to clean your equipment. All work well and are very affordable. Most cleansers will do an adequate job, however, we do recommend using metabisulphite (add hyperlink) as a final step. Metabisulphite is a strong anti-bacterial agent that prevents bacteria growth.  This is an extra step but is well worth the time and effort to help prevent a wine making mishap.  

Now that we have reviewed what to use, let's review how to use. Obviously, follow the instructions on whichever product you select for mixing amounts and application. Select an area in your home that is ample size to fit your equipment.  A utility sink is perfect to clean and sanitize your equipment. If you don't have a large enough sink, a bathtub could be an option. Or, fill a clean primary bucket with water and your cleaning agent and wash your smaller equipment right in the primary. 

Tip: get yourself an empty spray bottle - easily found at any discount store. Fill it up with water and 1 Tbsp Metabisulphite. Keep this on hand in your wine making area to spray down large equipment, or  it is even handy for small and quick clean ups.  For example, when you take a hydrometer reading, simply give it a squirt.  Give your corks a couple of sprays prior to corking.  Quick and easy!

by: Lets Do Wine