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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stocking Up Your Wine & Beer for the Holidays

With the holidays now upon us, be sure to have a good assortment of wine and beer available for upcoming parties or unexpected guests. You want to be a good host but you’re not quite sure what to have on hand that will please a variety of people? If you make wine and/or beer, chances are you will be well prepared with a good variety. If not, here are a few suggestions:

A semi-sweet Riesling is a nice easy drinking white wine. It will surely please a wide-array of guests. An off-dry Rose will also please quite a few guests plus, Rose and blush wines are typically lower in alcohol which isn’t a bad thing during the holiday season. Simply add a dry red like an easy drinking Merlot or Pinot Noir to have a nice line-up that is sure to please almost any wine lover. If you have more sweet wine drinkers on your guest list, you may want to add a nice light fruit wine.

Now that we have your wine list covered, let’s focus on the beer! As we all know, craft beer is booming all across the country. In the past, having a few “cold ones” on hand, would suffice but not anymore. A staple in the refrigerator should be an easy drinking light Pilsner. An Amber or Red Ale will be a nice addition for those who want something a bit heavier. Next, we recommend a nice American Pale Ale for those who love a hoppier beer. Add a nice dark Stout or Porter and you’ll have all your bases covered. Having a nice seasonal Holiday style beer would also go over well at any party.

Of course, if you make wine or beer, you’ll most likely have a good variety available. If you don’t home-brew, equipment kits make great holiday gifts for the wine or beer lover on your shopping list. For more info www.LetsDoWine.com 

by: Lets Do Wine